Tuesday, January 04, 2005

10 Reasons Why the Great Asian Tsunami of 2004 Was a Wake-up Call for Humanity

The Sumatra Earthquake and subsequent series of tsunami waves in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004 -- resulting in the death of over 200,000 people worldwide in 12 countries -- was a wake-up call for humanity and demonstrates that:

1. There is no God, no gods, no Divine Providence, no Creator of the Universe -- just random chance and random luck and random unluck. Ouch. Life hurts.

2. Human life is a lottery of life and death, and we are like gnats on the fragile, stressed-out skin of the Earth.

3. The Earth is still evolving, shaking, changing, and it's not over by a long shot.

4. All inherited religions, no matter what Rome says, are based on superstitions, myths, legends and human constructs. There is no God, never was. But faith is a nice thing, just the same.

5. Nostradamus is a fraud and could never foresee the future. He was a quack doctor poet from France, for crying out loud!

6. "The Bible Code" (that damned book) is also a fraud and should never have been published. Who can read Hebrew today anyway? That book did not predict the tsunami. No way. Get over it, conspiracy addicts.

7. "The world's first truly global disaster united a single humanity." (Hello Brother! Hello Sister!)

8. Now, more than ever before, the blogosphere rules!

9. The disaster should become a spur to organize a true international humanitarian rapid reaction force for the global community to deal with all future calamities that might befall the human race.

10. The global village was held together by cellphones, Internet blogs and CNN!


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